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Inspired by the classics of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells, this science fiction novel is an entertaining journey into a parallel world where science is magic and only one question matters: Who is sabotaging space travel?

Once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop until you find the answer!

©Malkiev Empire – Ashaskine | SKOLEOM BOOKS – All Rights Reserved 2022

 Malakiev Empire – Ashaskine by Arno Gokū, takes place between New York City in 2013 and Mars in 2317. It follows two parallel stories, one on Earth and one on Mars, that eventually merge into one in a totally unexpected way.

The author writes: “My goal was to combine my love of science fiction with my interest in astronomy by writing an epic novel about our solar system based on real astronomical facts drawn from observations of celestial bodies over the past few decades.”

The planet Mars as seen by Arno Gokū

The author also points out, : “If you’re wondering what I can use from today’s world to depict things on the planet Mars, then it all starts to make sense. This story combines quantum physics with well-known plot elements, such as artificial intelligence.”

Arno Gokū also explores one of our most burning questions: do we really need another planet to live on in the future?

The answer is clearly no, but what if we had one anyway? What would be the good uses of the planet Mars? In a way, that’s exactly what Arno Gokū asked himself while writing his latest novel.

Malakiev Empire – Ashaskine offers some answers, though there is certainly plenty of room for your own imagination to run wild. Perhaps the planet Mars could serve as an emergency planet… and that’s part of its appeal; anyone who has followed world politics knows how frightening the likelihood of nuclear war has become – and we know that life on Earth would never recover if such a thing happened. That leaves us with both a blessing and a curse: civilization might not have survived, but humanity would undoubtedly have continued to advance into space – with the planet Mars all ready to go!

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NEW YORK in 2013 and in 2317

The story is told between the New York of our time, and 2317-the future, when humans have colonized the Red Planet.

Joshua MacTaylor, one of the heroes of the story, is caught in a hellish turn of events. A young New Yorker, with an ordinary life and a talent for drawing, realizes – after many adventures – that he is the chosen one to free the Earth from the Apocalypse.

In the meantime, he realizes that his works – as soon as they are put on a support – become true prophecies.

These celestial messages that he sends without knowing it, – at first – incite the evil spirits of the world of 2317 to actively seek him in our space-time.

Why does he dream of this planet Mars that haunts him constantly? Between incomprehension and shame, he keeps these secrets to himself despite the misadventures that follow one another throughout the story. 

According to NASA reports, it’s only a matter of time before we find life on another planet. In 2013, NASA launched an unmanned space probe that landed on Mars a few months later.

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About the author Arno Gokū

Author, Marketing and Creative Director, Transmedia Producer, Director of Innovations and Algorithms, Personal Development Coach… and many other strings to his bow, Arnaud works for many companies around the world, where he develops innovative strategies.

His passion for science fiction is reflected in his advice to organizations. He is recognized for his ability to engage the minds of consumers by taking them on a journey and making them feel part of a universe while building loyalty. He obtains impressive results on the companies he advises and guides, which has earned him and his teams numerous awards and prizes in the field. 

Founder of SKOLEOM: the first Marketing 3.0 company in the world, he created the very first quantum video player that allows the act of buying inside audiovisual content, by a simple touch of the screen. 

Time travel

The idea of traveling faster than light is fascinating. However, it has never been more than fiction. To make travel between distant places in a human lifetime possible, we need to find ways to travel faster than light. We already know how to warp space to travel a great distance in a short time; we have seen astronauts do in one hour what others have taken three years to do while traveling in the International Space Station.

Is there a method to travel FASTER than light? The answer is yes! NASA recently announced that it was testing a laser propulsion system that could push spacecraft to high levels of acceleration. This way, they could reach Jupiter in less than two years! Very exciting indeed!

@New York City 2022

First impression of Malakiev Empire – Ashaskine

For readers who love science fiction thrillers and modern fantasy, Malakiev Empire – Ashaskine is a must-read. This book proves that Mars is closer to Earth than ever before.

Based on real astronomical facts from the observation of celestial bodies, quantum physics, psychology, and an apocalyptic world, Malakiev Empire describes an epic battle between good and evil that takes place simultaneously in both worlds.

Readers will first be transported to the New York of 2013, then travel back in time to 2317, where unknown forces control events on our planet. One of the protagonists, Andrew Harvey, gains insight into what is happening through regular flashbacks to his past life in a parallel universe that existed years earlier – and realizes he must do something before it’s too late!

With its fast pace, eye-opening concepts, and very relatable characters, Malakiev Empire with this first volume titled Ashaskine is a book that will keep you enthralled and unable to put down once you start it.

Really looking forward to reading the sequels…

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