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Best Netflix series : which new series and seasons are not to be missed ?

Series titleGenre
The Crown Saison 4 & 5Historical, Drama
La Casa de Papel Saison 5Drama, Thriller, Heist
Altered CarbonScience-Fiction
Sex Education Saison 3Comedy Drama

1- The Crown: Best Historical Series “New season in 2021”


The Crown is a historical series, inspired by real events, which immerses the viewer in British history of the 20th century. It reveals the secrets of Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street and the life of Queen Elizabeth II in the years of her accession to the throne. It is currently the most expensive Netflix series and is a huge success in several countries. Three seasons have been released on the platform, with season 3 being released at the end of 2019 and is a 2020 hit.

The best historical series chronicling the lives of members of the British monarchy did not stop there. Indeed, season 4 of The Crown was released on 15 November 2020 on Netflix, while two additional seasons have been announced. Notably, filming for season 5 is due to begin in June 2021 (health permitting). So expect more twists and turns and intrigue in the many episodes to come.

2- La Casa De Papel: best Netflix action series “New season in 2021”


This Spanish series directed by Alex Pina is not a Netflix creation, it was bought by the platform after its broadcast on Antena 3. The pitch is rather original: eight hand-picked bank robbers lock themselves in the Madrid Mint. An unusual robbery that very quickly attracts the sympathy of the public, both the Spanish citizens who witness the robbery and the viewers in front of their TV sets. The final season is set in the Bank of Spain and was released on 3 April 2020

In the top Netflix series to watch in 2021, La Casa de Papel is obviously at the top. The last episode of season 4 left us in shock and suspense as the inspector Alicia Sierra (played by Najwa Nimri), discovered the Professor’s retirement and put him at risk. Since then, a fifth season had been announced, but as the global health situation has deteriorated considerably, filming has been delayed. This year, however, there is a glimmer of hope, with rumours suggesting a possible spring or summer 2021 broadcast.

3- Gone for Good, the adaptation of a Harlan Coben novel


If you enjoy adaptations of the detective works of the famous writer Harlan Coben, you will be served this year with the production of his novel Gone For Good. Is Missing Forever set to make the top Netflix series? The adaptations of The Stranger and The Woods, novels of the same name also written by Harlan Coben, have also been successful on the platform. This time, you will follow the protagonist in his quest for the truth following the disappearance of his fiancée, ten years after two others close to him. The series will be released soon on Netflix, the date is not yet revealed.

4- Sex Education: best series on sexuality “New season in 2021”


A British comedy series created by Laurie Nunn and launched in 2019, Sex Education has set itself a goal: to address teenage sexuality without taboos and perhaps shake things up. The series follows the character of Otis, the son of a sex therapist who begins to follow in his mother’s footsteps and give sex advice, for a fee to his peers, within his high school.

It seems that many of the best Netflix series are being extended into 2021 and Sex Education is no exception. Indeed, less than a month after the release of season 2 episodes, season 3 of Sex Education was announced on Twitter by Netflix, while the start of filming was made official in September last year. No release date has yet been made public, but it is already known that season 3 will invite some new faces to the set. Jason Isaacs is one of them (famous for playing Draco Malfoy’s father in the Harry Potter film series).

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