Bombers have been popular for years, and it is no surprise why. They are comfortable, fashionable, and extremely versatile. However, few people know the history of these pieces of clothing that we use so frequently today. How did they evolve from their origins? Why do we still wear them today? This article will explore the Bombers we know and love!


The bomber jacket is without a doubt one of fashion’s most iconic silhouettes. A staple in many wardrobes, it’s worn by men, women, hipsters, preps and even office workers. For such a simple jacket, it’s surprising to see how drastically its changed over time. So much so that we thought we could trace its story from beginning to end – showcasing some of our favorite versions along the way.


The biker jacket (also known as a bomber jacket) is a casual, waist-length jacket typically made from leather or heavy denim, popularized by its association with mid-20th century aviators. Initially designed for military use in World War II, it was adopted by British pilots who were part of Royal Air Force Bomber Command. After they wore their jackets while flying through cold air over Germany at high altitude, they were dubbed bomber jackets. In modern culture, its popularity peaked in 1950s America. A similar protective outerwear style is still used today by fighter pilots around the world. As time passed, however, soldiers wanted a more comfortable flight suit that could keep them warm at higher altitudes without being too bulky to wear during fights on land. Bomber jackets didn’t become very popular until after World War II when some American GI’s brought them back home after Europe and Japan had been bombed and occupied.

Designer bombers

While we think of bombers as something only military personnel wear, they were actually once a very fashionable part of high-end men’s fashion. Before you say no way, let us show you some of our favorite throwback bomber jackets. As with all things in menswear, if it was cool at one point, there’s no reason why it can’t be cool again—that is unless you count illegal activity or cultural appropriation. But we digress… Here are seven pieces of bomber history that prove how badass these bad boys really are.

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