The rapper looks back on the controversy.

Contrary to what Deb Antney confirmed on the Drink Champs show, Gucci Mane did not take 5,000 dollars from French Montana. The latter was keen to give his version of the facts.

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Deb Antney, who used to manage both Gucci Mane and French Montana, pulled out the files when she talked about Guwop’s hypothetical robbery of his partner last February : “Gucci didn’t like French. Because the first time he went into the studio to record a track with him, he gave Gucci $5,000. He was waiting in the studio and Gucci left through the back exit. He took the money and left.”

French was keen to set the record straight on 99Jamz : “I never did a verse with Gucci where he took my money and never did the work. I think it was about twelve years ago. He did the verse… I don’t know where people get that story from. Gucci and I are good. We’ve never had a problem.”

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French Montana, tired of the controversy, feels that he is constantly being targeted by this kind of outburst : “Every day people talk about me, so I try to stay positive.
Antney, claims to have gone to Mane to ask for an explanation, but without success. Guwop’s response is supposedly in keeping with his personality at the time: “Man, fuck that bitch.”

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