How has the sports bag changed throughout history?

The sports bag has changed dramatically throughout the years. Originally, sports bags were used to hold equipment like balls and bats. Today, these carriers aren’t much different from their historic predecessors, but there are many other types of bags that we can use to carry our belongings, depending on where we’re headed and what we plan to do once we get there. Here are some examples of how sports bags have evolved throughout history and what they look like today.

Ancient Times

While there are many stories and theories as to how and when humans first discovered carrying bags, we can trace back one of our earliest known examples to Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians’ most common form of transportation was by boat; however, much land travel still had to be undertaken for longer journeys. As such, it wasn’t uncommon for Egyptian citizens to use carrying bags with their essentials (food and water) on hand whenever they were off exploring uncharted territory on foot. These early versions were simple baskets made from woven material (plants or animal skin).


Middle Ages and Renaissance

The sport in question during these times was jousting, and while training was an essential part of becoming a successful knight, transporting armor and weapons to battle locations wasn’t easy. Backpacks (particularly European backpacks called Fidel) became popular because they allowed warriors to carry essential gear on their backs rather than over their arms or on horseback.


17th Century to the Present Day

Traveling with luggage is a relatively modern concept. Before then, people simply carried what they needed with them as they went from place to place. The first rolling suitcases were made of wood in 1755, but quickly fell out of favor as they were prone to breaking and catching fire. The early 20th century saw leather suitcases become commonplace, followed by metal trunks during World War II and vinyl bags in the 1970s.

The Future of sport bag

The Sports Bag of Today is a far cry from what it was 25 years ago. Currently, there are multiple styles and types to choose from, meaning that if you’re going to purchase one, you have many decisions to make before you can use it. The most popular style of sports bag used by athletes today are backpacks.

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