Reebok collaboration with Cardi B for fashionable mums

Galvanized by her new role as a mum, Cardi B has collaborated with cult brand Reebok for a “Mommy & Me” collection and unveiled two pairs of hot trainers.

Nothing can describe the love a mother has for her child. That’s the obvious conclusion you get when you see this “Mommy & Me” capsule collection from Reebok in association with rapper star Cardi B. The latter, so addicted to her daughter, decided to dedicate the entire range to her role as a mother and to her daughter Kulture, born in July 2018.

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This resulted in two pairs of trendy trainers. One in Rose Gold and the other in Aqua Dust. Both shoes celebrate key moments in Kulture’s life and Cardi’s life as a mother.

It’s all about the symbolism: rose gold, also known as the “metal of love”, is bright and feminine, but also strong and resilient, reflecting the love Cardi feels for her daughter. As for the second pair of shoes, its Aqua Dust colour represents aquamarine, a stone that symbolises clarity, calm and relaxation: three adjectives Cardi uses to describe her role as a mother.

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And for those who are dying to match their clothes with their children, Reebok offers these trainers in adult, child and baby sizes. Stylish for all ages.

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