Selena Gomez : why she considers her past relationships “cursed”

On the cover of the Australian version of “Vogue” magazine, Selena Gomez confides in us about her relationships.

Selena Gomez has been discreet about her love life since her split with Justin Bieber, and now prefers to focus on her mental health, her main concern. However, as she graces the cover of the July issue of “Vogue” magazine, the 28-year-old artist agreed to talk about this aspect of her life and in particular about her past relationships, which she considers “cursed”. Explaining why the word “rare” has been used so often in her career – it’s the title of her latest album and the name of her cosmetics brand – she begins: “I think most of my relationships have been cursed.”

I was far too young to be exposed to certain things when I was in a relationship. I guess I needed to find that word for myself, because I felt so inferior in my past relationships. I never really felt equal. She continues: “This word is what I wanted to feel for myself. It wasn’t necessarily like, I feel like this, I want to sing this. It was more like, I need to feel this about myself.'”

This is reminiscent of her song “Lose You To Love Me”, from her album “Rare”, in which she spoke about a toxic relationship that she had to get rid of in order to learn to love herself. “I think it’s important to share this music, because I know that many people can relate to the fact that the path to self-discovery is usually through the scars of life,” she said at the time. A melancholic song that seemed to refer to her past relationship with Justin Bieber, which she deemed “abusive”. “I don’t want to sound disrespectful, but I really think I was the victim of some abuse. It was also very difficult and I’m glad it’s over,” she continued in an interview with “NPR” in January 2020.


The star has managed to achieve this by putting her mental health first in recent years. Affected by depression and anxiety since her early years in the spotlight, Selena Gomez delivered a poignant testimony on the subject last April. “I know how scary and lonely it can be to deal with anxiety and depression alone and at a young age.”

“If I had heard about my mental health earlier – if I had been educated about my condition in school as well as other issues – my journey could have been very different,” she said, wanting to set an example for future generations.

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