Today Nike is a very well known and recognized brand in the world of ready-to-wear Streetwear.

But originally Nike Inc. is an American sportswear company headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon.

She was founded under the name Blue Ribbon Sport By Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight on January 25, 1964 (she is 55 years old)

It officially became Nike on May 30, 1971

In 1964 during its first year of operation BRS sold 1300 pairs of Japanese running shoes

By 1965 the young company had acquired a full-time employee and sales had increased significantly.

In 1966 BRS opened its first retail store if you’re in Santa Monica California next to a beauty salon so its employees no longer needed to sell inventory in the back of the car.

In 1967 due to the rapid increase in its sales BRS expanded its retail distribution business on the east coast to Wesley, Massachusetts

In 1971 BRS prepare to launch its own line of shoes which wear the swoosh

From the 1980s Nike constantly expanded its business and diversified its product line

In 1980 Nike achieved a 50% market share in the US athletic shoe market and the company went public in December of that year, 1980 being a very important year for the Nike brand.

At the start of the 21st century Nike and started selling sports technology accessories including wearable heart rate monitors, handlebars and smartwatches

Philippe Knight announced in mid 2015 that he was stepping down from the presidency of Nike in 2016 he officially left all his functions within the company on June 30, 2016

Part of Nike’s success is due to the support of athletes such as Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, Tiger woods …

It is the world’s largest supplier of athletic footwear and clothing.


The  Nike Swoosh  is very present in the footwear industry this undisputed giant of the sector is built thanks to very high level support, elegant design and public relations campaigns successful enough to forge a path in the history of the pop and urban culture.

You can imagine that such an iconic brand would have been designed by a major advertising or branding company that was paid millions of dollars to come up with an advertising plan.

But you would be wrong if you thought that

in fact, the Nike swoosh was designed by graphic designer Caroline Davidson in 1971 . A logo that cost the Nike brand  $ 35

The  Nike swoosh  This is one of the most recognizable logos in the world


When she designed the Nike “swoosh” logo, Caroline Davidson was a graphic design student looking for extra income.

when she produced the Nike “swoosh” logo , knight accepted the design and Davidson continued to design for Nike until 1975 . Upon graduation she decided to work from home as a freelance designator, which she did for over 30 years.

Why was she only paid $ 35 to make this logo?

Ms Davidson supports that she doesn’t know how long she worked on the Nike Swoosh logo,

But that she billed phill knight for only 17.5 hours of work, which resulted in a bill of $ 35

Although she was not recognized for the high of her work and the impact that this logo represents, the designer was celebrated by the company when they threw a party in her honor. She also received a generous amount of company stock (estimated value over $ 1,000,000) as well as a gold and diamond ring bearing Nike’s iconic Swoosh logo.


1964 Philip Night and Bill Bowerman found Blue Ribbon Sport.

1971 Blue ribbon sport becomes Nike using the swoosh logo created by Carolyn Davis Student at Portland State University for $ 35.

1971 bowerman Offers an iconic sole pattern for waffle trails after putting rubber in a waffle iron.

1972 Romanian tennis player Ilie Natase becomes the first athlete To sign a sponsorship contract with Nike.

1979 Nike introduces patented “AIR” technology with the new Tailwind shoes

1980 Nike does an IPO trick with a price of 0.18 cents per share.

1984 Nike Signs Michael Jordan launching the AIR Jordan series .

1987 Nike drops the advertisement for the new Air Max shoes set on the Beatles Revolution making the first advertisement to use the band’s music.

1988 launch of the first “just do it” campaign with an advertisement featuring Walter Stack, 80, a running icon, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

1989 advertising campaign “Bo Knows” and launch with Bo Jackson.

1990 Opening of the first Nike Town store in Portland Oregon.




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