This Cult Sweater From The 1990s Has Just Been Reissued After Making The Buzz On TikTok

Sept 01, 2021 at 06h15
By Chloé Maurin

Who said the era of influence was over? Certainly not TikTok, which has just created the fashion craze around an iconic piece thanks to one of its users.

5.8 million: that’s the number of views that the cult GAP hoodie with logo of Barbara Kristenoffersen, fashion influencer and real star on TikTok, has counted. By wearing this brown hoodie straight from the nineties, the influencer with thousands of subscribers has indeed created a real buzz on the favorite social network of Gen Z and also revived the famous vintage sweater.

Thanks to Tik Tok, this brown hoodie signed GAP is one of the most coveted pieces of the moment
True product of the 1990s, this brown hoodie sportswear spirit of university has even had the right to its hashtag “#gaphoodie” following the buzz created by the star of Tik Tok. And the American brand, has also benefited from the phenomenon by reissuing it in the wake. Available since August 23 on the site of GAP in brown (and in other colors at discounted prices), we hasten to get this it hoodie in power to sail on the trend of the fall. A fashion statement then, but also an ultimate proof that the influence still has beautiful days ahead…

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