Three years after his last album “KOD”, J. Cole returns with “The Off-Season”.

For the past ten years, J. Cole has had an unbroken career, often making the top rap charts in the US.

He was the first signee to the “Roc Nation” label created by the inevitable Jay Z. He quickly outgrew the status of a minor disciple of his mentor.

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This sixth album marks a turning point: J. Cole will share rap and basketball, joining the Rwanda Patriots Basketball Club team, which is part of the African Basketball League.

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A fan of what can now be described as ‘old school’ rap, J. Cole avoids automatic tuning and follows a certain tradition.

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The production of this record “the off-Season” is the subject of a documentary, he says:
“This is when many of your favourite rappers come to a crossroads. Can you get into the routine? Creatively, have you explored all avenues? When I asked myself these questions, I said to myself: No, this doesn’t suit me.”
A personal challenge that is good for the ears.

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