Too Hot To Handle : Season 2 finale finally available on Netflix

Too Hot To Handle, is back on Netflix with a highly anticipated season 2. Here’s what you need to know if you missed the phenomenon.


Netflix is best known for its films, series and documentaries, but did you know that the platform also offers reality TV programmes? Among them is Too Hot To Handle. In this programme, ten single men who are adept at one-night stands must live together in a villa where all sexual practices are forbidden. The objective : to get to know each other in a way that is not carnal, and this is not easy for these men and women for whom seduction is above all a bedroom affair! As the episodes progress, we get caught up in the game and the protagonists of the adventure become more and more endearing.

Too Hot To Handle to watch now on Netflix


Netflix released the first part of the second season of High Tension Seduction on 23 June and, to keep the suspense alive, the platform waited until 30 June to offer the second part.

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